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I joined the first WSO. So far I am
extremely impressed with the service. Although early, Sandy and his staff have me on the right path to increased traffic and profits.

My best site was a cluttered mess. They have redesigned the site and it looks fantastic. The design is so much cleaner. Not only does it look better, navigation of it is so smooth.

Thomas Green ( Director )

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Strategies 2014 Conference & Expo
held at Hilton, London.

Visitor Tracking Analysis

We offer a wide range of services to assist your on-line business. We can provide in-depth analysis of your internet site, in particular, to ensure that your website attracts the right audience and is sufficiently targeted to ensure that consumers are confident that they can trust you and place orders without problems.

We use our skills and knowledge to improve your website's visibility and user-friendliness, as well as ensuring that your customers can place orders quickly and easily with the confidence that you will deliver your promises, building your reputation and brand. We can help you to optimise your code and design to enhance its appeal and ensure that it is compatible with a range of current web browsers.

If your website is up and running and your website promotion methods have ensured that you are getting plenty of hits, but this is not reflected in the number of orders which you are receiving, you need to closely analyse the people who are visiting your website.

The logs on your website server can provide details of which pages fail due to errors and which pages are most often visited, but beyond that, detailed analysis of visitors is sorely lacking. We can therefore recommend a package to suit your needs which will track visitors as they come to your website, identify how they move through your site and at which point they leave.

This can identify bottlenecks in your site and pages which may put people off from placing an order (for example, it may be too difficult to find your order page). As a result, we can help you to improve the navigation and usability of your website and streamline the key paths to make a sale.

The beauty of this type of tracking is that details of the internet services used to access your website can identify potential customers, particularly if you are getting several people visiting from the one company. Ask for more details.

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